Honestly, an awesome playlist is important every day, but this is one of those weekends that you really need to Feel Good.

Define Feel-Good

What does feel-good even mean? Let's head to the dictionary to find out;

FEEL-GOOD: Adjective
Informalintended to make one happy or satisfied:a feel-good movie; feel-good music.


Why is This Weekend So Important?

Good question. It just kind of occurred to me that this has been a stressful week. Sunday was a full moon, and that played havoc with our lives. Oh, that Chinese weather balloon situation didn't help anyone's stress levels. Our weather has been all over the place with wind advisories and plenty of rain. That is just the start of why we all need plenty of feel-Good music this weekend.

Super Parties

If you have a party planned for Sunday, you need some feel-good music to clean the house to, right?

Music in the kitchen is just a requirement. So, when you're prepping the party food, you can sing as loud as you want to.


Win or Lose, You're Still Winning

I think it's fun to place a wager here and there on the big sporting events. Obviously, if you do and it doesn't pay out in your favor, you are going to need some Feel-Good music. If you end up with a little more cash, the playlist is now your winning soundtrack.


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