When I was growing up, we didn't have Father Daughter dances.  I'm referring to the little girls and their daddy's, not the wedding-type dances.  This Saturday night, I'm so blessed to be deejaying Holy Rosary's Father Daughter Dance.  

The idea began 5 years ago and since that time, the dances have continued to grow in popularity with dads and their young daughters having a night out without mom!  I'm usually the only mom in the room during these dances so I'm thrilled and honored to be part of all the fun!

I also can get a little emotional at these dances so I stuff my purse with some tissues before I leave the house. I'm a mom, after all!  When I look out on the dance floor and see those smiling faces on the little girls looking up at their daddy's it melts my heart!  Then, I start to think about my own dad and how I wished he was still around today for me to dance with him.

The Father Daughter Dance is a fun evening for all the young girls and the special men in their lives.  Statistics show that a young girl will seek her daddy's love first at home.  The dance focuses on the importance of fathers and daughters having healthy and strong relationships.  The 1st strong male bond girls have is with their dads and this event teaches the girls what it means to be treated throughout their entire lives and that is with respect, love, and kindness.

This event is a fundraiser for Holy Rosary School in Evansville, IN.

Holy Rosary's Father Daughter Dance 2017, Credit by Deb Turner
Holy Rosary's Father Daughter Dance 2017; credit by Deb Turner
Holy Rosary Father Daughter Dance 2017; credit by Deb Turner