I love that a big part of my job is finding cool and interesting things to share with you. Facebook suggested that I watch a video of John Krasinski, yes Jim from 'The Office', on 'Lip Sync Battle'. So, I watched the amazing video of Jim...I mean John, killing his performance of *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”. Then I went down the rabbit hole, searching for more 'Lip Sync Battle' videos. While searching, I came across an article from The Huffington Post that basically blew my mind. I mean, I knew that Jimmathy was talented and could pretty much do anything (He is married to Mary Poppins, you know) But creating 'Lip Sync Battle'? What?! Yes, it is indeed a fact. Here's what he told Huffington Post in the 2016 interview:

“I was about to go on Jimmy Fallon’s show and he said, ‘What do you want to do on the show?’ And I said, ‘What if we did this thing like ‘8 Mile,’ but we lip-synced?’ And Stephen Merchant was like, ‘Let’s give it a shot right here in the car!’ So we all started battling in the car.”

Of course, that segment on Fallon became an actual show on Spike that is produced by John Krasinski, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Merchant.

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