The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every part of our lives.  As Indiana works to re-open, many businesses are staying closed.  The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library system is one that will remain closed until further notice.  However they've been working to add many great resources digitally.

Here's the statement from EVPL's Facebook page regarding re-opening:

For the health and safety of our community, EVPL locations continue to remain closed to the public until further notice. We take our responsibility to provide resources to our community seriously, and have implemented a phased reopening plan to establish when it safe to resume in-person library services. Our first steps are to have our dedicated EVPL team members provide reference services via phone, online web form, and chat. We are also in the process of resuming our EVPL To Go service in the coming weeks.
On any given day across the system, EVPL:
📘 Sees between 2,500 – 3,000 library users
📘 Hosts more than 150 program participants
📘 Circulates about 4,250 physical materials
We look forward to the day when we can open our doors and welcome back our thousands of daily library users. Until then, we will continue to expand our digital programs, experiences, and materials, available 24/7 at

On the EVPL website, there's access to all kinds of interesting things. For instance you can check out  e-books, and there's access to digital audiobooks. that you can check out and listen to.  Personally I am a big fan of audiobooks. Not that I don't love reading, I just do not have time to sit and read. I also have ADD so sitting down and doing one thing is NOT something I'm good at haha! I like audiobooks because I can turn it on, get lost in it, while getting things done. For instance every morning I listen to an audiobook while getting ready for work. In fact right now I'm currently in the middle of reading...well, listening to a book called Failure Is An Option by H. Jon Benjamin.  You may know him as Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers! It's also read by him, so I can pretend it's really Bob Belcher talking to me.

So if you haven't given audiobooks a chance, and you're a member of the EVPL, I recommend checking one out. I meant what can it hurt?  It's free to check out a book from the library.  And this way you can test the audiobook water out. I just know myself, and I wouldn't have read a quarter of the books I've "read" if it weren't for audiobooks.

However if regular books are more your style, totally understandable, we'll keep you updated here as soon as we get word of EVPL re-opening their locations.

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