EvansvilleWatch has announced a policy change to protect the safety of first responders. 

The statement was posted on the Facebook page Wednesday evening. It reads:

"We want to update you all on a strict change we are now going to uphold. We will no longer be posting the following incidents: Domestic abuse calls, Family dispute calls, or 911 hangups. These are some of the most dangerous calls for Law Enforcement Officials. First Responder safety is more important to us than anything we do. We have been posting a few of these lately and quickly realized we were wrong for that. We don't want to go down the wrong path on how we are informing folks. Unfortunately the Evansville Metro has several of these calls every day. We will no longer be posting them unless there is an immediate threat to the public."

The post has over 1,000 "thumbs up".

Some people took to the comments to praise EvansvilleWatch for their decision. One woman wrote, "Five years ago, a family dispute call was posted involving a grandmother and her granddaughter, who happened to be my mother and my niece. People crucified her for calling the police, so I sent a message to Evansvillewatch asking about the policy on those types of calls and explained my position and why. I received this message from, Bill, the founder of Evansvillewatch and will always remember his kindness and consideration. I am so happy to see his original policy for this page is once again being upheld."

She posted a screen shot of the interaction between herself and the former EW admin, Bill Merkel.



From now onward, EvansvilleWatch will no longer post statuses concerning domestic abuse calls, family dispute calls, or 911 hangups.

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