Every year one of my favorite events to enjoy is the SWIRCA & More BrewFest, this year it's back but will look a little different!

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SWIRCA and More BrewFest

Every year SWIRCA hosts BrewFest, it's an annual fundraiser for SWIRCA so it's a gret way to get out and enjoy some brews, while also supporting a good cause. SWIRCA's mission is:

Enhancing opportunities for independent living and a better quality of life for those who are aging, people living with disabilities, and caregivers in Southwestern Indiana.

BrewFest is one of my favorite annual events because it's so much fun. There are dozens of breweries, wineries, and distilleries that set up and let you sample what they have. You get a commemorative glass that you take around and samples are poured into it.  It's a great way to try out several regional ales and wines all in one place.


A New Date for 2022

SWIRCA & More BrewFest has had July dates before, September dates, and October dates.  This year they're back to September, so mark your calendar for September 17th, 2022!

A New Location for 2022

Every year SWIRCA & More BrewFest has taken place at historic Bosse Field, this year, however, they're moving west and BrewFest will be on the lawn of the Franklin Street Library.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On National Beer Day (April 7th) SWIRCA shared to Facebook that BrewFest would have a new location this year, and they shared that news with this video:

To follow along with all the BrewFest updates, make sure to follow SWIRCA & More BrewFest on Facebook. 

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