When Emily Carter Millsap decided to dress up as a dinosaur and run around her neighborhood, she expected people to laugh. She didn't expect to be thanked.

I decided to have a little fun this morning. I went for a little jaunt around the neighborhood to see if I could make some people smile.


I was truly amazed at what transpired.


People came out of their houses to cheer me on. Literally CHEERED!!!!! Kids- parents- grandparents..... young, old ...... so many people.


People driving by stopped and took pictures. People walking and running and riding bikes stopped to say hello.

But the thing that really struck me was how many people said THANK YOU!!!!!

I expected smiles and laughs. I expected some people to maybe even think it ridiculous. I never expected people to say thank you.


I’ve thought about that all day. And how touched I was about the thank yous that I received.


I think we need fun right now maybe more than we realize. We need to laugh. We need to smile. We need to cheer. We need to get out of our heads for a minute.


And with that realization, I am going to try to bring a little extra fun into existence during these times. Who knows what we will come up with next.

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