Do you actually look at your receipt after checking out from the store? I sure don't. I trust that everything is as it should be. But I think I'll start paying more attention after seeing what happened to one Tri-State woman.


This is an actual receipt from a woman here in Evansville (a friend of my wife). Direct your eyes about halfway down the list of purchased items...past the yogurt, the peas and the whipped cream. What do you see? Apparently she purchased a "child with fingers in nose," and apparently that child only costs $2.06. I wonder what isle she found that child in? Does that child prefer paper or plastic? So many questions go along with this purchase!

Well she obviously didn't buy an actual human child from the west side Priceless Foods. Was the store playing a trick on her...somehow charging her an extra two bucks for no reason? No, that's not it. There is a product that goes online with that line item on the receipt...and it makes total sense.


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