Among my many quirks, is my fear of airplane crashes. Let me be clear, I LOVE to fly in airplanes and helicopters, I'm not afraid of that at all. My specific fear is that I will actually see a plane crash. When I was very little I had a reoccurring dream of a giant grey plane flying low over the Pigeon Creek Bridge and then crashing. It was so vivid, and long before that crash was a reality. Thursday, February 6, 1992, a C-130 military plane was doing some practice flights and came from the South across Highway 41, preparing to land, but instead, it fell from the sky.

Ironically, now I live about 2 miles from the runway of the Evansville Regional Airport and Tri-State Area. I hear planes taking off and landing, but when one flies over our house or sounds a little off, I go into high-alert mode.

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Wednesday morning I heard one of the loudest planes that I have ever heard. In fact, it actually woke me up from a dead sleep at 1:00 A.M. I seriously thought I was hearing a plane crash. It eventually faded away, but the sound was so distinct, that I could recognize it again.

Around 8;00 P.M. Wednesday night I heard that plane again! This time Doug heard it too, and he agreed that it sounded different than other planes. He has a real-time plane tracker app, and he said it was heading to Fort Worth, Texas.

After we talked about it this morning, we received the 'Official' answer from a Corporate Pilot! Here is what Kurt Heim sent us:

"Bobby & Liberty, the reason for the loud aircraft operating out of Evansville is in fact the Boeing 727-200. That aircraft is an older aircraft that has jet turbofan engines that were designed in the 1960s, which were louder than current jet engines today. There are aftermarket mods for these aircraft to reduce the noise, but this aircraft may or may not have them. Another factor that might make this seem louder than you’re used to is that the 727 has three of these engines. All the regional jets that currently operate out of EVV have two modern jet engines". Kurt - Corporate Pilot

This mystery plane spurred quite the conversation with our friends at Evansville Watch!

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