For 104 years, the Evansville Rescue Mission has been helping people in need, people of all ages, all walks of life, and in all different types of situations - and during the last 12 months, the need has been, maybe greater than ever before. Whatever the needs may be, the Evansville Rescue Mission continues to step up to meet them.

During this week's Be MY Guest segment, we were joined by ERM President and CEO, Tracy Gorman. It had been a while (too long) since we talked to Tracy, so we wanted to get an update from him on how things are going at the rescue. We learned that in addition to continuing to provide their normal, everyday services, the ERM has also been providing 1,000 free meals every week with their "Grab & Go" meal program. Handing out that much food each week is not cheap, and Tracy reminds us how important the community's support and donations are to the rescue.

Speaking of donations, we talked to Tracy about how folks can sponsor an overnight stay at the rescue for someone in need. I wrote an article about this program - you can see all the details here - but, in a nutshell, for less than $25 you can provide dinner, breakfast, a shower, and a safe place to spend the night for someone who really needs it.

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Tracy is a passionate and caring guy who, along with everyone else at the ERM, has a heart for serving and helping others. I really encourage you to listen to our interview with Tracy, and then consider donating, or perhaps finding some other way to get involved. Text "Stay Warm" to 313131, or visit for more info.

Be MY Guest with Tracy Gorman from the Evansville Rescue Mission

It's important to know/remember that the Evansville Rescue Mission is much, much more than just a place for people to go for a meal or to get warm. The video below gives you a preview of just a few of the daily programs they offer.

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