The guest announcements for Evansville Raptor Con 2024 are getting more and more exciting.

PHOTO: evansville raptor con robert carradine
PHOTO: evansville raptor con robert carradine

"Revenge of the Nerds" 40th Anniversary Reunion with Special Guest Robert Carradine

Calling all nerds, dweebs, and anyone who secretly (or not-so-secretly) loved every minute of the 1984 comedy "Revenge of the Nerds" Evansville Raptor Con is throwing a mini-reunion for the iconic 80s comedy's 40th anniversary, and you're invited!

Get ready to dust off your pocket protectors and high-water pants, because joining the festivities this September 14-15th at the Old National Events Plaza is none other than Robert Carradine, the legendary Lewis Skolnick himself.

Raptor Con 2024! That's right, the iconic blue-masked leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be gracing the Old National Events Plaza with his presence on September 14th and 15th.

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That's right, the man who brought us laugh-out-loud moments alongside those pocket-sized powerhouses of knowledge will be rounding out the already epic "Revenge of the Nerds" guest list, which includes Brian Tochi (Moocher) and Curtis Armstrong (Booger). This is your chance to meet the stars who made this classic a comedy staple, all under one roof!

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Don't miss your chance to meet three of the stars of Revenge of the Nerds, Brian Tochi, Curtis Armstrong, and Robert Carradine at Evansville Raptor Con 2024. Snag your discounted EARLY BIRD tickets online now. Prices will increase closer to the event.

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