I believe that all stereotypes, whether they are offensive or not, are based in reality - it may not be the reality anymore, but it certainly was at one time. One of the most widely recognized stereotypes is that all cops love donuts.

A Brief History of the Cop-Donut Stereotype

According to Cara Giaimo's article "The Long, Sweet Love Affair Between Cops and Doughnuts," the cop-donut connection began back in the early 1950's, when many police officers were out walking a beat. Simply put, during the late/early hours, most businesses were closed, except for donut shops, so they became popular spots for cops to take a break, rest their feet, and get some paperwork done.

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It's a long-running gag that I'm sure some cops are tired of hearing, but not Officer Taylor Merriss. Taylor is the Evansville Police Department's Special Projects Coordinator, and she is NOT ashamed of her love for donuts - in fact, she recently had the chance to create her own specialty donut (it sounds delicious), and she learned what a 'donut finisher' does (it's probably not what you think).

Donuts was just one topic of discussion during our weekly segment called You Down with EPD? We also talked about the return of Coffee with a Cop at area Donut Banks (that is no coincidence), and we talked about the National Night Out coming up in early August - here is info from the 2019 event.

Once we were done talking about cop stuff, we asked Taylor our question of the day, which had to do with your favorite concert/band memorabilia. Now, Liberty and I love Taylor - she's awesome - but we sometimes forget how much younger she is than us. Her answer to our question slapped us with a hard reality check and reminded me and Liberty how old we are. We always have a great time talking to Taylor, and we hope you have a great time listening to our chats.

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