The summer job...a time for young folks to learn a bit of responsibility, maybe learn a new skill, and in many cases the first chance to make some of their own money. The Department of Parks and Recreation is still seeking to fill more than 100 seasonal part-time jobs.

I have a lot of very fond memories from the summer jobs I had growing up. I spent many, many hours working at a hardware store on the east side of Indianapolis (it was called Central Hardware). I was a "courtesy clerk" which meant I would refill countless propane tanks, help carry heavy things for sweet little old ladies, and help out however I could around the store. Really great times there!

Then there was the summer I spent working in a warehouse for Novelties, Inc. You know all those sunglasses and lighters and little "novelty" items you see around the registers at gas stations? A lot of those come from Novelties, Inc. in Greenfield, IN. Boy that was a tough, hot job, but I had a blast and met a lot of really "interesting" people.

The parks department is still looking to hire over 100 seasonal part-time workers this summer. For more information about summer park jobs, call Sports Director Lisa Wube at 812-435-6162. Here's a list of all current part-time and full-time job openings for the city of Evansville. This list is always being updated, so make sure you check it regularly.

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