Enjoy some of your favorite music along with a choreographed brilliant laser light show at the Evansville Museum.   Don't miss your chance to enjoy some great laser light shows beginning this Friday, June 30th under the dome of the Koch Immersive Theater. 

Ryan O'Bryan
Ryan O'Bryan

You can expect some spectacular laser shows featuring multi-color laser light effects and animations projected onto a dome full of stars. The Evansville Museum will be featuring the following popular laser light shows for all ages.

  1. Laser Spirit   (Family)
  2. Laser Magic  (Family)
  3. Perseus (Children)
  4. Laser Retro ( Younger Boomers)
  5. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon  (classic rock)
  6. Pink Floyd: The Wall  (classic rock)
  7. Laser Beatles (Beatles music)
  8. Laser Zeppelin  (Led Zeppelin)
  9. Laser Vinyl (Featuring Kiss, Journey, Queen, & more)
  10. Laser Metallica
  11. Laser Country

The Laser Light shows run June 30 - June 15.  The cost is $7.00 per person and are available at the Evansville Museum. 

The Evansville Museum is located at 411 SE Riverside Drive, Evansville, IN.  You can also contact them at 812-425-2406.


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