There's something special about stepping into a restaurant and feeling a sense of nostalgia wash over you. Whether it's the decor, the menu, or the atmosphere, certain dining establishments transport us back in time, evoking memories of meals shared with loved ones, special occasions, or even just simple moments of comfort and joy.


Many of our local favorites may be gone, but not forgotten.

In today's fast-paced world, new restaurants seem to pop up overnight and menus that we look forward to trying out. But I know that sometimes I think about a certain meal or experience at a restaurant that just lives in my cherished memories.

Take a look at some of our favorite restaurants from Evansville, Indiana's past.


Chi-Chi's was located in front of Eastland Mall, and I only remember eating there once, but what a memory it was. I had a plain cheeseburger (Of course I'm still that plain today). I couldn't figure out how you could fry ice cream and it wouldn't melt, so I didn't try it. Oh, and I showed my grandparents how to do the Moonwalk because it was the 80s.

Showbiz Pizza

Showbiz was what we now know as Chuck E. Cheese. Man, it was a great day to actually see the Rock-afire Explosion perform. Sometimes I guess we didn't time it right, and we missed them.

Weinbach’s Cafeteria

I still remember my Nana taking me to Weinbach’s Cafeteria. The trays slid along the railing and we picked out what we wanted for lunch. The only real food I remember was mashed potatoes and brown gravy. There was always a nice smell of coffee, too.

For reference, this is where Weinbach’s Cafeteria was located.


Sir Beef

My mom used to rave about Sir Beef. It seems like no one can replicate that sandwich. I found some comments on the Tri-State Restaurant Reviews Facebook that could answer what made it different.

facebook CANVA
facebook CANVA

Shyler’s BBQ

The paper towel roll on the table, the awesome retro decor, and oh that BBQ smell! I sure do miss the OG Shyler's that was on Green River Road.

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