Sometimes working nights can mean missing out on the small things like getting to go let loose after a stressful day at work, or grabbing a beer with friends.  Lamasco Bar and Grill on Franklin street is changing that, by offering "Koffeeoke" for third shifters to enjoy.

It started last week for the first time, and will continue every Thursday morning from 7AM until 10 AM.  Koffeeoke will feature karaoke, and breakfast so that way you can get off work and wind down, even when living the third shift life.


7 A.M. TIL 10 A.M.

There are times after a stressful work day that it's nice to be able to go to the bar and grab a beer and some food to wind down, and when you're on thirds it does make it a bit harder to do that.  While I personally have never had to work thirds, I do know all about the fun that is third shift life, as my husband worked thirds for 7 years.  My husband actually really enjoyed being on night shift, but there were times he'd occasionally miss out on fun things like dinner parties with friends, or a night out.  One thing when he worked thirds that he enjoyed was getting off work and being able to go grab some food and a cold beer on Franklin street.  It was pretty funny to see him drink a beer at 7AM.  Although I had just woken up, he had just gotten off work.

You can follow Lamasco on Facebook to keep up to date with Koffeoke.

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