Owners of the Evansville and Tri-State area McDonald's locations have announced they plan to hire approximately 1,000 new employees in the next few weeks as they prepare for summer 2021. This is just one more example of how our local McDonald's owners are giving back to the community. Their response to COVID-19 and everything that came with the pandemic has been well documented, and now they are going to add 1,000 more people into the workforce.

Who is McDonald's looking to hire? I would imagine just about anyone and everyone, from part-time to full-time, from never-worked-before to years-of-restaurant-management, and everything in between. McDonald's says the individuals they hire "earn work readiness skills on the job that serve them well into future career opportunities...a job at McDonald’s develops teamwork, customer service, responsibility, and time management skills."

McDonald's offers benefits too, like the opportunity to advance, free meals, paid vacation and more. One benefit McDonald's employees appreciate the most is scheduling flexibility. Local McDonald's owner/operator Katie Kenworthy says,

We understand that our employees have commitments outside of work, whether that’s school, family, or other responsibilities,” said Kenworthy. “We’re dedicated to being flexible when life happens.

While we do seem to be heading in a better direction, in regards to COVID-19, local owners still what to be safe and smart about this hiring process. There are a couple ways to apply with McDonald's - you can do it online or with a text message, or you can pick up an application at the drive-thru window.

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