You only need to spend a few minutes with Officer Phil Smith to understand why he is one of the most recognized members of the Evansville Police Department and one of the most popular public figures in Evansville. His positive attitude is infectious, and his big heart is surpassed only by his even bigger smile. Seriously, have you ever met a man who love life more than Phil Smith?

Officer Smith is in the public eye on an almost daily basis, and while he never met a camera he didn't like, and he's not too shy to talk about anything - how much do you really know about Phil? Liberty and I were so excited to have the chance to dive deeper into his life with a round of This or That. The only problem was limiting ourselves to just five questions. Questions about food, his uniform, travel, his underwear, and R&B music.

If you heard our conversation with Phil on the air, I want you to know that there is more to hear. We talked to Officer Smith for a long time, and we had cut out some things for the on-air playback. We hated to do it, but we knew we could share the entire interview here online. We call it the "Too Hot For Radio" edition (with our tongue firmly planted in our cheek).

Here it is friends, in all its glory, an epic episode of This or That...

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