Did you know the Evansville Fire Department has been around since 1888? I just learned that today - that's pretty amazing. Today, the EFD employs 273 men and women, serving in 14 fire stations throughout the city, and responding to over 8,000 calls per year.  Overseeing the daily operations of the EFD and the men and women responsible for putting out fires, saving property, and saving lives is a massive responsibility - Chief Mike Connelly is the man that takes on that responsibility every day.

Being Chief of the Evansville Fire Department is an understandably serious job, one that requires a serious person. More times than not, we see Chief Connelly in somewhat serious situations, but surely he's not that serious all the time, right? The picture above shows us that there is a lighter side to the Chief. In case you can't tell, Chief Connelly is about to deliver some delicious Donut Bank donuts to Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin. Liberty and I were glad to see that Chief Connelly was willing to get silly with us and play a round of This or That.

We dug deep into Chief Connelly's personal life, in regards to TV games shows, Mexican cuisine, musical tastes, and his thoughts about a couple classic firefighter movies. The Chief is a cool dude and a good sport. Lib and I appreciate his willingness to play with us, and we'd appreciate it if you took 2:30 minutes to listen below.

EFD Chief Mike Connelly This or That

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