My friend, Gretchen Ross with Eyewitness News, shared an article about a new cereal that has caffeine in it. That stopped my scroll. I needed to find out more immediately!

Sometimes you see new food items shared on social media, and just an idea for something, not something that actually exists. Caffeinated cereal seems like a no-brainer combo, but is it legit? The answer is yes! Post and Dunkin' have joined cereal and coffee forces to bring us a delicious new breakfast treat.

Dunkin' Donuts Newsroom
Dunkin' Donuts Newsroom

There will be two flavors, based off the popular Dunkin' coffees. The Mocha Latte "Features a hint of chocolate and latte-swirled marshmallows in honor of its namesake espresso." Caramel Macchiato has the "indulgent taste of the layered iced coffee beverage." This might actually be a good cereal to try with ice cubes.

The new cereals are not in store yet, but you can get updates at

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