Drums On The Ohio has become a summer time staple for music fans from all over the Tri-State. Each year, some of the country's premiere drum & bugle corps come to the Reitz Bowl to perform for thousands of fans. Not only is it a super entertaining evening, but it's also a tremendous fundraiser for EVSC music programs.

Sadly, there won't be a Drums on the Ohio this summer. Organizers of the event announced the cancellation on Facebook. The decision was made by the members of Drum Corps International, who voted to cancel the entire 2020 drum & bugle corps season.

As you can imagine, Drums On The Ohio is a massive event that is 100% locally organized and executed. There are a lot of really passionate, dedicated people that make the event happen each year. This comes as really disappointing news for that group and for music fans all around the country. And we're really bummed too, because MY105.3 and the rest of Townsquare Media are the media partners for this year's event.

So, what's next for Drums On The Ohio? We still don't that the answer to that question. According to their Facebook page, they will put out more information in regards to their plans moving forward.

Carolina Crowns is one of the uber-talented drum & bugel corps we were going to see at this summer's show. Here's a little taste of what would have been.


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