"It was on a moonlit night, the stars were shinin' bright..."

Every good Kentuckian knows the words to the song "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and we will be singing it tonight as an incredibly rare Super Blue Moon makes its grand appearance in the night sky.

Get out your telescopes, and let the kiddos stay up a little later than normal because according to NASA, this particular lunar event won't happen again until 2037.

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What is a Super Blue Moon?

The conditions must be just right for a moon to be considered 1. Super and 2. Blue. NASA explains the qualifications, "The moon's orbit isn't a perfect circle, so sometimes it's a little farther away from Earth and sometimes closer. At its closest point, called perigee, it's 14% closer than at its farthest. About 3 to 4 times a year, the full moon phase happens to coincide with the Moon reaching perigee, and we call that event a supermoon. While it technically appears a little bit bigger (and a tad brighter) than the average full moon, the difference is not super noticeable to the eye."


To be called "Blue" the moon must be the second full moon of the month. This only happens once every few years. The combination of a Super Moon is much more rare with it occurring only once every 10 years on average.

August Meteor Showers

The first full moon of the month was also a Super moon and coincided with an incredible meteor that was captured by a Kentucky couple as it flashed across their ring doorbell camera in the middle of the night.

Meteor Lights Up Kentucky [VIDEO]


Saturn Visible in 2023

Moonrise is predicted for approximately 7:33 PM Central tonight, so be sure to step outside and look to the sky. As a bonus, you should also be able to see Saturn! If you want to see its rings, you'll need a telescope, but the planet itself can be seen with the naked eye. Very cool.

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