Do you need someone to talk to?  For the next 6 weeks the I HEAR YOU team will be available at the Farmers Market and the Franklin Street Bazaar to hear whatever you want to say.

They are a diverse group of compassionate community members dedicated to providing care and connection to anyone who needs it. Look for us in the purple I HEAR YOU t-shirts!

Today, Friday, August 10, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Evansville Downtown Farmers Market


I asked Andrea Phillips, the driving force of this movement, to tell me a little more about the event.

 The I HEAR YOU tribe/movement is a collective of compassionate community members making themselves available to connect face to face with their fellow humans. We are not affiliated with any outside organization, so there is literally No Agenda other than connection.

Our diverse group represents various ethnicities, political beliefs, religions, and genders. The goal is simply to offer connection to whoever may need support and encouragement in the form of friendly face to face interaction. We have a loneliness epidemic in our world today and this is our response 2 impact that crisis and make ourselves available to our friends and neighbors in our community.

We are Here to Hear you every Friday and Saturday morning from 9 to noon at the downtown farmers market and the Franklin Street bazaar for the next 6 weeks and possibly beyond at other venues.

This movement began when I saw and then shared a video about another woman in Los Angeles who started something similar called sidewalk talks. When I shared the video I suggested that we try this in Evansville because I thought it was such a cool idea and right away many people chimed in that they were interested. Two weeks later we met informally and decided how we wanted to proceed organically, and here we are. It's been about 3 weeks since I share the original video. We are anxious to see how the community responds.

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