Well, I admit I get brain farts from time to time.  Can you blame me?  I'm a new Nana!  lol.  That's all that's been on my brain lately!  Anyway, I had the task of trying to remember everything about my car today - ya know, make, model, year, etc.and my license plate number.  That's one thing I can never remember! 

License Plate

So, do you know your license plate number?  You gotta know this information when it comes time to renew your drivers license or you need it for insurance reasons, or the hotel you're staying at needs it, or in my case, I need to know it for a parking permit to park in a dandy spot in our parking garage in our new downtown location in Evansville.

Okay, give me props for knowing half of my license number!  I know the first 3 digits, but I can't remember the letters!  I have no idea why I can't remember this combination of 5 digits/letters.  Geez.

Well, like anyone who doesn't know their license plate number, I had to physically take a visit to where my car is parked and I decided to take a pic of it with my cell phone.  Got it now! lol.  #DreadedMemoryisBroken  #Can'tRememberMyLicensePlateNumber

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