On a recent visit to Patoka Lake, plans for enjoying a day in the sunshine out on a boat on the lake suddenly changed after Mike and I noticed a WINERY on our way there!      

Patoka Lake Winery is one of the newest wineries in the state and is Indiana's first winery with lodging attached to the tasting room. It's only 3 years old according to Rachel Lorett who I had the pleasure of speaking with about all the amenities of the winery, the wine cruises, and their converted 2-story silo suites for lodging.   [Video] (video recorded in 2018)

For more information on Patoka Lake Winery and to book a meeting, party, or event, click HERE.

Discover wineries in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and more HERE.  The Indiana Winery map can be viewed HERE. 

Wineries are a booming business here in the Tri-State. Indiana has 95 wineries, Illinois has 119, and Kentucky has 69.

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