I'm so relieved to hear that my son's good friend and college room mate, Roger Rodiek, is doing fine and was able to get to the grocery store today...5 days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall.  Roger and his new wife, Rhea live in Houston, Texas.


Roger & Rhea from Houston, Texas ; credit by Roger Rodiek
Rhea & Roger from Houston, Texas ; credit by Roger Rodiek

Roger called our studios today and told me he and his wife are doing fine!  They live in an apartment complex and the water had not reached their 4th floor. In fact, the water had started to recede where they live.  Indeed they're one of the lucky ones, but thousands and thousands of others in the city of Houston and other areas of the Southeast Gulf Coast have lost everything.

So how can we help those people who have lost everything, I asked him.  He gave me 3 flood relief websites for donations.

  1. American Red Cross - redcross.org
  2. Houston Food Bank - houstonfoodbank.org
  3. You Caring Compassionate Crowdfunding - youcaring.com/victimsofHurricaneHarvey

So, please, help those less fortunate, they would greatly appreciate all of our help!

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