Nothing is cuter than a puppy! NOTHING! And this little guy just might take the cake! Little Arctic has a sad beginning but we are really hoping that he will have a happy ending.

Missy Mosby from It Takes a Village Canine Rescue brought baby Arctic into the studio this morning to help him find a new home. Arctic, a pit bull/boxer mix was taken from his mother by the breeder when he was only three weeks old! Indiana state law mandates that it is illegal to sell or receive a puppy or kitten under the age of eight-weeks-old because they need to be with their mothers for nutrition and developmental support. Plus, it's just mean to take a baby from his mama! Seriously, who are these people?!


Anyway, Missy has been bottle-feeding the little guy since he was turned in. He is deaf but that doesn't mean he can't be a productive and wonderful asset to your family!

To inquire about Arctic, please call 812-909-1306. You can reach the 24-hour voicemail by calling 812-250-WAGS (9247) and leaving a message.You can also fill out a short application. It includes filling out an adoption application and adopter’s agreement (found HERE).

The family who takes our Wonderdog home will receive a FREE My1053WJLT t-shirt!

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