Summer 2020 is pretty much here, and it's already feeling different. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still lingering, as the pandemic seems to be slowing down, but we're still in it.   We've got this weird mix of going back to normal, and finding out footing in this "new normal."   The pools are closed for the Summer, and many places are still closed around the Tri-State.  So I've been trying to find some fun things to do this Summer since it seems my Summer vacation and concert plans are pretty much out the window. 

I'm someone who enjoys the creepier things in life, so I've been trying to find some fun places to visit for a quick weekend or even just a day trip.  Here's 6 places I found that are within a couple hours of the Tri-State and would be the perfect creepy day trip! 

Creepy Destinations Within a Short Drive From the Tri-State

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