Sometimes kids say and ask the craziest things. I realize they are trying to get a feel and understanding about the world around them. But, WOW. Some of the questions are so funny and some are so embarrassing, you don't know how to answer do you just laugh.

My middle son, who is now 23, when at his kindergarten orientation, he raised his hand to ask the teacher a question. The floor was opened ups for parents to ask questions, but he asked one. Now, keep in mind that my son was 5'2 at 5 years old. (He is now 6'7) He loved to eat, but was very slow. I had so much trouble getting him to focus on eating and get finished. I knew, at school, he would have a timed lunch. So, he stands and proceeds to say, 'My mom says...' At that point I began to worry. Its hard to tell what he was going say. I say  lot of stuff. Not all of it appropriate for a kindergarten class. Anyway, he continued, '....she says that if you don't have enough time to eat your lunch, the lunch ladies will say tough luck and make you throw your food away. Is that true?' The parents, quietly snickered, his fellow students looked worried, and the teacher gave me a side eye grin and tried to keep a straight face. She told him, 'Yes, your mom is right. You have to eat your lunch in a timely fashion so you can go out to the playground to play.' He then smiled, looked around at his fellow classmates like he was running for president, and sat down. He was satisfied with her answer and looked forward to the time he would eat lunch at school.

There was also the time my daughter, at 2 years old, loudly said she didn't like the face of the women behind us in line at Walmart. Or, the time my youngest son, while waiting in a very small area to be seated at a restaurant, turns to us and said that the man walking in front of him was, '....really FAT. Right, Mommy?' OMG. I've literally acted like I didn't hear what my kids have said so many times, its not funny. Most of the time, I had no idea how to respond. Too funny.

We asked our Facebook friends about the funniest things their kids have asked or said and the answers are hilarious.

Crazy Questions Tristate Kids Have Asked

If you would like to share anything your kids have said, comment below.

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