COVID-19 is affecting pretty much every aspect of our lives. This includes the way law enforcement responds to calls. The Henderson Police Department posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

Effective immediately, the Henderson Police Department will be implementing protective measures for police services within the City of Henderson to prevent the potential spread of the Coronavirus. To ensure the Henderson Police Department is able to provide and maintain a consistent level of quality service throughout this pandemic, we will be taking steps to ensure the safety and protection of our staff, as we can continue to protect the citizens of Henderson.

The Henderson Police Department is temporarily requiring our officers to reduce their response to residences for not in-progress calls on non-violent offenses. These calls for service will be handled via telephone. For all non-emergency calls, an officer will contact the citizen to determine if an officer needs to respond to the scene. If an officer isn’t needed at the scene, but a report is needed, then we will take the report over the phone. The report will be taken and a follow-up with the citizen will occur after 14 days if additional information is needed. For all calls requiring an emergency response, our officers will still follow standard response procedures.

Should you contact dispatch or encounter an officer, they will be asking you the following two additional questions. These questions assist us in screening for potentially infected individuals.”

1.Do you or anyone in your household have any fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath?

2.Have you been in contact with anyone you suspect has the Coronavirus or has been out of the country in the last 30 days?

The following precautionary measures will be in effect:

1)No one would be allowed to enter the front lobby. Anyone coming to HPD to make a report, obtain a vehicle release or speak to an officer will need to use the red phone to call the front desk.

2)For criminal reports, whoever is needing a copy of the report will need to purchase the report online at This pertains to verifications for insurance purposes, or bank requests. The price is $10 for the first page of criminal report. Officers will provide you with complete case numbers i.e. 20-012345 and the date so a report can be accessed.

3)Individuals requesting accident reports will need to purchase the report online at They will need the complete case number i.e. 20-012345 and the date of the accident to obtain the report on the website. If you ask the officer for the other driver’s name, insurance company and policy number or exchange information with the other driver if the situation is amicable it will help you complete this request.

4)Open Records Request will need to be done utilizing the City of Henderson website, in the search block, enter Open Records, complete the form and fax to 270-831-1276 or email the request to HPD Records Technician, Beth Bates @

5)The HPD Citizen’s Academy scheduled for this spring has been suspended until further notice.

6)Fingerprinting services and all ride-a-longs request have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

We are encouraging all of our citizens to use the CDC guidelines to protect themselves and others during this pandemic. We need to take these steps to protect our employees so we can ensure the safety and protection of our citizens.

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