Get ready to get your next caffeine fix at a new place in town! While the name isn't new to Evansville, their storefront certainly is.  You may have seen the Joe Brewski yellow coffee cart set up at farmers' markers and the Franklin Street Bazaar around town. Heck, you may have even seen it pop up in your neighborhood! But now Joe Brewski is also a brick-and-mortar shop!

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Here's what Joe Brewski says about the new shop on their Facebook page:


Ready or not here we come. Joe Brewski opens to the public tomorrow. Come get your fix anytime 7am-4pm. It's been a long road on the way here and we're far from done but in the meantime we're just ready to see you guys pop on in and say hi! Our address is 10 Northwest 6th Street directly across from the Victory Theatre. As you can see we've even brought in some local friends that make awesome treats to have for some grab-and-go snacks. We'll have our cold Brews and a hot coffee bar ready to go at 7. Come get it bottled or straight off the Tap! Thank you all for the support along the way!!!


I checked out the Joe Brewski website, and they are serving up all kinds of deliciousness like you can get a growler of cold brew! They've got different flavors too like salted caramel, chocolate porter, and bourbon barrel stout cold brews.

I have to say they had me at cold brew! I have never been a coffee drinker until last year, I decided to try cold brew last fall, and let me tell you, I was hooked.  I drink cold brew every day now.    My favorite is to mix cold brew with a protein shake (I like the chocolate Premier Protein shakes) and add in a splash of peppermint creamer, it tastes like peppermint, chocolate, coffee goodness.  So when I saw they were serving up their own signature cold brews, I'm definitely going to have to stop in sometime and check it out!

Welcome to downtown Evansville Joe Brewski, congratulations on the new storefront!


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