We need you the people to step up. There's a new thing coming that you could be a part of Tri-State... and it's going to be hilarious and fun and amazing and awesome. Here's how it got started: In honor of Back to School, Travis and Jason had a conversation this morning about the fun things from their past. Schoolyard Antics found their way to the front of the discussion and that led to the greatest of all ideas.

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

Double Dog Dare - you remember that one kid that would eat anything. The crazy dude that would get laughs for wild antics. The gal that made everyone's day because she had no fear. Double Dog Dare changed the landscape of our childhoods. And you're never too old to relive those classic moments.

So, we're going to.

Our second Double Dog Dare comes from Beth Ferguson. She double dog dared us to attempt the Chubby Bunny Challenge. I had no idea what that even was...but luckily Jason did. Who won? Check it out:

Below - you'll see a form. That form is your path to Double Dog Dare Us to do whatever your wild and crazy mind can come up with. Please don't try and kill us. Our Mom's would be sad and our boss will fire us.



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