I can trust you to keep a secret, right? Okay cool - I'm going to pull back the proverbial This or That curtain just a little bit right now. Not all of the This or That questions we ask are completely random. Like any good interviewer, we try to do a little bit of research about our guest(s) - in the case of This or That, that usually just means Facebook stalking. We use that information to help point us in the right direction of what we should ask. Having said that, we often think we know how our guests might answer certain questions, but we are pleasantly surprised to often be wrong. Our guest this week, Kyle Gorman (Director of Development for the Evansville Rescue Mission), caught us leaning one way, and then went in a different direction with a couple of his answers.

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We hit Kyle with some tough choices this week, but he's a young fella, he can handle it. You might be wondering "how tough can our questions really be?" Well, not super tough in the grand scheme of things - but when you're put on the spot, and you know your answer is going out over the radio, it does cause our guests to consider their answers carefully. I'll give Kyle credit, regardless of how torn he might have been, once he made his decision he stuck with it and didn't waver.

We started things off with a rather deep, existential kind of question, which Kyle handled like a boss! We also talked about his listening habits, and which recreational sports he likes to play - and then we turned up the heat. We held Kyle's feet to the fire and made him choose the best chicken sandwich, and then brought it home with a question about the most magical place on Earth. Take a listen to hear how Kyle handled the pressure.

This or That with Kyle Gorman from the Evansville Rescue Mission

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