Victory is sweet – especially when it involves taking down the Cubs and their raucous fans in the Windy City. This last week has been rough as a Cards fan. The Redbirds were riding high after winning every series since we last played the Cubs back on May 24 (in a 2-game series sweep). Then, last week, the Cards were swept in a 2-game series against the former rivals Houston Astros and again in a 3-game series against the Texas Rangers in the often unpredictable world of interleague play.

However, any time the Cards and Cubs face each other, the result lends itself to bragging rights. Prior seasons haven’t really mattered to Cubs fans, because October always turned out the same. The Cards/Cubs games seemed to instead give Cubs fans pride to imagine their Cubbies played on the same level as the Cardinals. But this season, there’s a new hope that the Cubs will go somewhere. Chicago fans definitely expect the team to be a contender in October. And if the current numbers (47-23 for the Cubs, 38-33 for the Cards) hold up for the entire season, then they will be right. But the All-Star Break changes things. And this series (only the second time this season the Cubs have lost 3 in a row and the team’s first sweeping Loss) took the wind out of any Cubs fan.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Cardinals edged the Cubs with a 3-2 Win and 4-3 Win, respectively. But in Game 3 yesterday, Michael Wacha proved himself against Cubs ace Jake Arrieta, and the Cards dominated in Defense and Offense. Perhaps this series will quiet down the stir in the Windy City until we meet again in August, after the All-Star Break.

Upcoming Games

Date Time Opponent Probable Pitcher
Friday, June 24 9:10 PM @ Seattle Mariners Carlos Martinez
Saturday, June 25 9:10 PM @ Seattle Mariners Mike Leake
Sunday, June 26 3:10 PM @ Seattle Mariners Jaime Garcia
Monday, June 27 7:15 PM @ Kansas City Royals TBD
Tuesday, June 28 7:15 PM @ Kansas City Royals TBD
Wednesday, June 29 7:15 PM Vs. Kansas City Royals TBD
Thursday, June 30 6:15 PM Vs. Kansas City Royals TBD

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NL Central Standings

Team Wins Losses Percentage Games Back
Chicago Cubs 47 23 .671 0
St. Louis Cardinals 38 33 .535 9.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 34 37 .479 13.5
Milwaukee Brewers 32 40 .444 16.0
Cincinnati Reds 28 43 .394 19.5

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