I had a feeling this announcement was coming. Just last week, Kyle Cook sent out a video message to apologize for the delay in their album box set. This is the third time that it's been delayed. Now, we have the news that the band will not tour this year.

Let me just sulk for a bit...

Okay, now let's read the band's statement:

While this is not the news we were hoping to share, we wanted to let you know that we will be moving the tour to 2022. Although we are encouraged by the success and speed of the vaccine rollout, there are still far too many varying factors at play. This makes it not possible for us to put together the tour we intend to bring to you. We are extremely disappointed to have to make this decision, but we promise that when we return, we will bring you the greatest show we have ever done. Take care of each other and we will see you in 2022. - Rob, Kyle, Brian, And Paul

Well, there's just something about being in the same theatre or stadium as your favorite artist, and being surrounded by like-minded fans. All of us singing every song and sharing the moment. I always like to try and guess the setlist, and what covers they might take on. Not to mention, that I joined the fan club, and scored some pretty close seats.

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Itunes does have a MB20 show from 2012, I highly recommend it, if you are arm-deep in a bag of cookies right now. Maybe Rob will continue to do virtual shows. In the meantime, let's listen to the reimagined version of 'Unwell' 'Used to Be'.

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