Kids can easily get attached to a number of things. It could be a toy, a blanket, or family pet. And once they're attached, it's nearly impossible to separate the two. My kids each had blankets that went everywhere with us, and Lord help us if we ever forgot them. For Jake Hall of Boonville's 5-year-old daughter, that object is a stuffed purple rabbit by the name of Mr. Hops.

Jake posted the photo above in the Warrick County Resell Facebook group Wednesday night saying Mr. Hops was accidentally left behind during a recent family dinner at El Maguey Mexican restaurant in Boonville. Jake noted his daughter was "having a hard time" with the lost of her beloved stuffed animal, and offered a reward for its return, although he didn't specify exactly how much that award would be.

Jake also said he's been in contact with the restaurant since realizing Mr. Hops didn't make it home, and they offered to keep him safe until the family can come get him in the event he is found and returned.

If you're in the Boonville area and see Mr. Hops, either return him to El Maguey, or message Jake through the post on Facebook.

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