I normally don't get too upset when I hear about a musician/celebrity passing away, but I find myself feeling really sad about the death of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older and I have a different appreciation for life. Maybe it's because Cornell is only about 10 years older than me. Maybe it's because I'm a father too and I'm thinking about Cornell's daughter and family. Maybe it's because I lost my father last year. Whatever the reason, his passing is really affecting me.

I think it's hitting me so hard because Chris Cornell, and his various bands, have been such a big part of my life. I worked for a rock station for nearly 20 years, and Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog were always in regular rotation. I heard this guy's voice just about every day. And I have a handful of very vivid, very fond memories associated with Soundgarden and, in particular, Cornell's distinctive voice.

I'm also sad because I'm reminded of other amazing artists that lead the way for that "Seattle sound" that have died over the years...guy's like Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. I just assumed that since Cornell made it out of the 90s and was doing so (seemingly) well, that he would be around for a long, long time.

Chris Cornell ended up being so much more than just some grunge dude who could scream like no other. He's a really talented and versatile musician. I wanted to share a couple of videos that show off his amazing talent.

First up, he absolutely nails this acoustic version of the Prince/Sinead O'Conner hit "Nothing Compares to You".

After hearing of her passing, Chris gave this beautiful tribute to Whitney Houston.

And finally, a super sweet duet with his daughter Toni. I can only imagine how proud he must have been.

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