I have been a casual observer of TikTok for a while now. I never created a profile, I just enjoyed scrolling through and seeing everyone else's videos. Then I made the mistake of convincing Liberty to check it out. She did, and now TikTok is her life, which means it has become MY life.

It seems like regardless of what we're talking about in the studio, Liberty finds a way to say "Ooo, we should make that into a TikTok!" Well, today her wish came true. She and I created our first TikTok for MY105.3. We took on the Fruit Roll-Up challenge. Like the name suggests, those competing see who can eat a Fruit Roll-Up (it's actually Fruit By The Foot) the fastest.

It was a close race, for sure!

@my105.3It was a close one ##mariokart ##fyp @libertyonair20♬ 123start - cyrusaho

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