This week, we invited the Isaiah 117 House of Vanderburgh County to Be MY Guest on the MY Morning Show. The house officially opened earlier this year and has already made a huge impact on foster kids here in southern Indiana. Program Coordinators Melissa Mayer and Nichole McClarney joined us to give update on how the first few months have gone, and to tell us about the Isaiah 117 House's inaugural golf scramble coming up on Friday, October 16th at Cambridge Golf Course.

Be MY Guest with Isaiah 117 House - October 9, 2020

If you ever doubted that there really was/is a need for a place like Isaiah 117 House in Vanderburgh County, let this information be the thing that erases all doubt. First of all, the house here in Vanderburgh County was the first Isaiah 117 House anywhere outside of Tennessee (where it was founded), so the powers that be clearly recognized a need. And positions are already being added after being open for just a few months.

Melissa Mayer (left) and Nichole McClarney (right)
Melissa Mayer (left) and Nichole McClarney (right)

Nichole McClarney was just hired as a second Program Coodinator - that makes two for the Vanderburgh County house. Most other houses only need/use one Program Coodinator. That, too, proves that the house is needed and is serving a much-needed purpose in our community.

I am grateful to everyone who donated and helped raise all of the money needed to open this house in such a short period of time. I really hope you'll take a few minutes to learn more about what they're doing, and more importantly, learn more about the kids and families they are serving, and then maybe get involved somehow. Maybe it starts with hitting that little white ball all over the place for a few hours.

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