4C of Southern Indiana is one of those non-profits that I had heard of, but there's no way I could have told you anything about them. I didn't have the first clue about what they do. That's why I was so excited that Aleisha Sheridan was able to Be MY Guest on the MY Morning Show.

Thanks to Aleisha I learn all kinds of neat stuff about 4C of Southern Indiana. For starters, I learned what the 4 C's stood for...Community Coordinated Child Care. I'll let Aleisha tell you more about what 4C is all about. Please take a minute to listen to our interview, I bet you'll learn something new, and I bet you know someone (even yourself) that can use some of 4C's resources.

Would you like to Be MY Guest? Do you have a non-profit event coming up? Do you have an amazing organization that more people need to know about? We would love to help get the word out. Please submit your info to us - please include your name and email so we can get back in touch with you.

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