While it certainly seems as if things, in regards to the coronavirus, are heading in the right direction, the fact is we're still not out of the proverbial woods yet. Restrictions have been reduced or lifted in many areas of our lives, but we still have to be smart about how we do things. Until the time when we can really do anything we want, with no fear, we're gonna have to keep doing some things the way we've gotten used to - and that's okay.

One of the things people have missed the most and one of the things that we still need to be careful about is gathering for live music. Concerts are slowly but sure starting to get rescheduled, but not until later this year. In the meantime, we get the opportunity to see some great live performances online. In fact, live streaming a show has given us all the opportunity to sample a bunch of musicians that we may never have seen in person otherwise. Maybe that's the case with some of the artists being featured during Aurora's Harmony of Humanity series.

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Starting March 11th, each Thursday at 6:30 pm, Aurora will host a 30-minute live stream musical performance which will hopefully raise awareness, and more importantly, raise money for Aurora and the services they provide for the homeless community in Evansville. The stream is free, but you are of course encouraged to donate. The Harmony for Humanity series kicks off in the best way possible, with the ridiculously talented Monte Skelton.

Harmony for Humanity Schedule

  • March 11th - Monte Skelton
  • March 18th - George Funkadelic
  • March 25th - Corduroy Orbison Duo
  • April 1st - Angel Rhodes
  • April 8th - Toby Ellis

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