Well, if you see Evansville Police Department's Assistant Chief Phil Smith and Mayor Lloyd Winnecke living on the streets of Evansville, don't be alarmed it's a social experiment with Aurora of Evansville.

48 Hours in the Life Participants

48 Hours in the Life Timeline

The Evansville Homeless Project will begin on Thursday, November 18th at 12pm. All participants will meet at Aurora where they will then be immersed in the experience until Saturday the 20th at 12pm. I can't wait to follow this experiment. There are just so many unknowns like; Where will they sleep, How do you charge a phone (If you have one), Where are they going to eat, ect?

What is Aurora?

Aurora Evansville has been serving our community since 1988. Their mission is to basically end homelessness with Homeless Outreach and Diversion, Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and more.

Creating solutions to prevent and end homelessness in our community. It is Aurora’s duty to not only serve the most vulnerable, but ensure that our community is aware, engaged, and activated to prevent and end homelessness here at home in Southwestern Indiana.

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