This morning on my way to work, I experienced major traffic problems as I got onto I-69 South from Newburgh to come to the downtown Evansville area! I came to a stop around the Green River Rd. exit.   UGH!  Totally took the wrong road coming to work today! 

Deb Turner in a Traffic Jam!


traffic backed up on I-69 South 8/21/17 - Deb Turner

So that's just the start of my day!  I'm still very excited about today with all the events  leading up to and during the total solar eclipse.

I couldn't believe it when I heard tickets were going for up to $10,000 at the Saluki Stadium in Carbondale, Illinois for a 20 person suite for today's events!  No kidding!  Carbondale, Illinois is the best place to see the total Solar Eclipse as it's the longest darkest time to experience the events at 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

I want to thank Becky at the 5th 3rd Bank for letting me borrow her solar eclipse glasses this afternoon!  Mike Schenk, Townsquare Media business manager and I decided to go hang out in the parking garage and we met Becky who was so sweet and nice and let the both of us borrow her safety glasses!  Wow.  At 1:24pm I could still see a little slice of the sun from atop the parking garage at 5rd 3rd Bank in Evansville!  Not total darkness.  But, still what a sight to see!  The temp didn't get very cool at all.

Watching the Solar Eclipse 8-21-17 ; Deb Turner
Solar Eclipse glasses credit by Deb Turner
Deb, Becky, & Mike checking out the Solar Eclipse! 8-21-17

Tell us your experience today during the Solar Eclipse!  Where were you at the time of the Solar Eclipse?  What did you see or not see?  Comment on our My 105.3 WJLT Facebook for a chance to win a family 4-pk of tickets to the Evansville Otters game this Tue. Aug. 22nd!

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