This week's question Asks Stacey how she manages her time to get everything done and not feel like she's just drained & DONE at the end of the day?

From Avery... are superwoman!!!

How do you manage your time to get everything done and not feel like youre just drained & DONE at the end of the day?

I am a single mom of 1. ONE. I work 40+ hours each week. I am constantly feeling like Im not giving enough attention and energy to my daughter. My house is almost always a disaster. Working out each week is non existent & I had to give up my Spin class due to my work schedule. I would love to be in a work out routine, but have no idea where to fit the time in. At the end of each day, I feel so drained and worn out.

I feel like Im always at work and when Im home, Im asleep. Meals have come down to convenience foods & drive thru or delivery almost nightly. I actually cooked (I made turkey burgers) last night. I cant remember l the last time I cooked more than a TV dinner or grilled cheese!

How do you do it? How do you manage & organize your time between being a MOM, the radio show, Project Reveal, Cross Fit, taking care of a house, taking a few minutes for yourself, and of course, being a wife? And still feel like youve done your best at each one?

Any insight on how you manage your time & stay organized would be appreciated!


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