Or will it? I think today and tonight will be the only time this week we will avoid even more severe storms and rain. Stay tuned of course. What the sky has been missing the past few days is a build-up to the viewing of the first supermoon of 2023.

First of all, who focuses who other things happening in the sky when there's a bevy of fireworks and smoke everywhere? Unless you are a dedicated stargazer, I would say no one. That's unfair, but you also have to consider how many storms blew through the tri-state this weekend. Oh, I heard fireworks, because sometimes almost no one waits for the 4th.

However, tonight's supermoon will be closer and more luminous than normal. By the way, when you see the moon in its usual cycle, it may be big or small which depends on its orbit around the Earth. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, tonight's supermoon will be 224,895.4 miles from Earth.

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Each supermoon has a name and tonight's July supermoon is the Full Buck Moon, which is when a male deer/buck's antlers are in full-growth mode. There are other names for the Buck Moon and one of those, surprise, surprise is the Thunder Moon which comes from the Western Abenaki tribe referring to the stormy weather and the summer season.

Tonight's moon will rise after sunset, so if you happen to be holding your fireworks celebration, make sure to take an extra look to the sky!

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