Who you gonna call?!  Usually, the answer would be Ghostbusters, obviously.  Now, however, you don’t even need to make the call because you can handle those pesky ghosts yourself.  Well, maybe your kids can.

In order for you and your family to be ready for all those ghostly encounters this Halloween season, Hasbro will be releasing the Kenner Classics Ghostpopper Retro Blaster.  Yes, the same exact Ghostpopper you had as a kid is going to be available for your kids.  Let the good times roll.

Available for pre-order on Walmart.com, the “Ghostpopper blaster comes with 6 soft foam pop projectiles and includes 3 cutout targets, including The Real Ghostbusters logo, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Green Ghost.” The design is also inspired by the animated Ghostbusters series, The Real Ghostbusters.  It’s pretty much a copy and pasted version of the toy from the 1980s.  Luckily, the toy isn’t too unfairly priced.  As of right now, you can get your hands on one of these bad boys for just $19.87.

If you are excited that Hasbro is bringing back this little gem of nostalgia, you are in luck because it won’t be the only Ghostbuster inspired revival to be released.

For those who want to relive the glory days of Saturday morning cartoons and ghostly green juice boxes or introduce a new generation of fans to the Ghostbusters, Hasbro has you covered with Kenner Classics Ghostbusters toys. Featuring design intended to replicate the original toys from the 1980s, along with the classic accessories and package art, Kenner Classics from Hasbro are a great addition to any collector’s shelf or fan’s playtime.

Not sure what else they will be releasing but I’m sure it’s going to be something that you just have to have.  You know, for your “kids”.

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