We need to have a conversation about what you post on social media. Think of this as a 'Mom Warning', no matter how old you are. We've all posted silly things, and then Facebook is there to shove it in our faces with memory reminders. 2020's social media memories will be filled with quarantine jokes that we will probably laugh at. But there will also be posts that should never have seen the light of day. I'm talking about all of the irresponsible COVID-19 comments, memes and photos. Let this article serve as a Public Service Announcement the next time you decide to share a mask-less selfie or question why you can't just do whatever you want, because you 'Think' you are healthy.

First, I'm going to make some room on my soapbox for Andrea Halbig. Her family is recovering from a COVID nightmare, and she is also tired of seeing people post inconsiderate things on social media. Here is her story, in her own words.

"I can't hold my tongue any longer. We were told that approx 1 in 100 people were getting the kind of serious reaction that Mike did. That's a whole lot of people. They aren't all dying, but its one of the worst kinds of torture you can imagine for the patient and their family. I repeat, they aren't all dying, but they are getting pretty close. They aren't just a case and they aren't a death statistic. There is a whole lot of gray area in between that.
Please recognize that masks aren't a political ploy. Its a chance for someone to NOT get the virus. I'm not a doctor or scientist, but even if its a small chance of me protecting someone else, I will continue to wear it. It's uncomfortable and makes my face hot, it rubs my eyes and slips off my ears and WHO CARES!!
Be a decent human and protect those around you. I almost lost my husband. Stop, please stop. Not everyone's symptoms or reactions will be the same, but guess what, you won't know until it happens to you or someone you love.
*I havent shared thus far because the last time I posted something I was bombarded with conspiracy theories and fake news. I'm not having it. You have to stop spreading what you "want" to hear. This is real and we have to do better."

9 Things People with COVID-19 are Tired of Seeing on Social Media

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