Here we are, in the midst of another Feel Good 80's Weekend, and I'm feeling good. I'm loving the music and I'm loving the fact that it's the weekend. Everything was going great until I got hit with an unintentional reality check from one of the 80's most popular performers - DEBBIE GIBSON.

Earlier this week she celebrated a pretty special anniversary in her career and decided to share a behind-the-scenes video for all the fans that supported her along the way. That sounds awesome - what could be wrong with that? To be honest with you, thinking about this particular anniversary just reminded me of how old I am, and so I'm feeling just a wee bit bitter - that's what's wrong with that. Grrrrrrr, I'm an angry old man!

Here's what Debbie had to say...

In celebration of the “Electric Youth” album and “Lost in Your Eyes” single going #1 simultaneously 32 years ago today on the Billboard Charts, I found this rare recording from a soundcheck, I believe from Scottsdale, Arizona. It was some sort of school gym. Maybe a college but, honestly can’t recall! I had been performing both #LIYE and WCBT long before the #EY album was released cuz they were instant faves and I wanted to debut them live! I always sang full out in soundchecks and had a you can see! Stepp Stewart, Buddy Casimano, Adam Amedeo Tese, Tommy, Kirk, Leo, Tonya, Kim, and the gang including the late great Louie Appel all in fine form here ready to rock one of my early crowds! Enjoy this rare treasure and happy anniversary to us all and, as always, a big heartfelt thank you for embracing and celebrating my music!!!

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Clearly, I'm not really upset - I'm reminded every day of how doggone old I'm getting, I don't need a Debbie Gibson video for that. I was actually really excited to watch the video. It's a great reminder of the kind of music we loved back then, and it's another example of how legit Debbie Gibson was as a live performer - I don't know if the same could be said for some of today's pop stars.

And here's more proof - a great live performance of one of her biggest hits...

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