I'm sure you have that one artist or band that you love so much, you will pay to be in the Fan Club. The main perks of basically any artist's Fan Club is the opportunity to purchase concert tickets early, and sometimes get a Meet & Greet.

But, being in a Fan Club doesn't automatically guarantee that you will be able to buy those tickets. They only release a handful of early tickets. And when you specifically joined a Fan Club for that purpose, it can be a huge let down, if you don't beat other fans to the tickets. I've done this many times, and I've learned that I'm either going to be super excited for the rest of the day, or I will be more mopey than Eeyore. This is how it usually goes for me, see if you can relate.

  1. Anticipation: I'm watching the clock countdown the minutes until the pre-sale starts. I have to clear my head of any distractions, because seconds are crucial when the clock strikes 10am!
  2. Panic: So many things can go wrong like: Forgetting my login, Refreshing the screen, when it clearly says not to. What if my credit card doesn't work?
  3. Pre-Mature Excitement: Just as I have my 2 tickets selected...Ticketmaster let's me know that another fan has already purchased my tickets! What, how?
  4. Sadness: It looks like all of the fan Club tickets are sold out. How did this happen? Why do they only offer a handful of seats? It wasn't meant to be...
  5. Hope: But wait! I refer back to number 2, and while I don't wish that on any fan, it's bound to happen. So, I'm saying there's a chance!
  6. Excitement: For real, this time! I double check my email for confirmation...Yes!
  7. Bargaining: Concert tickets are not cheap. So, this is the point when I get to explain to Doug, that I HAD to get these seats! Why else would I have spent $20 to join the Fan Club...Duh! Also, he's knows my crazy, so he has come to expect these things.

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