Indiana students in select grades will be completing the second round of ISTEP testing this week. We all want our kids to do their best! Here are a few ways that parents can help with their success.

1. Get Plenty Of Rest

Stick to an early bedtime, so your child can get at least 9 hours of sleep.

2. Eat A Good Breakfast

ISTEP week calls for "Brain food", so try to offer fruit, eggs, toast or oatmeal. Skip the sugary cereals and pastries.

3. Reduce Your Child's Stress

Tests can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for kids. Stay positive, and encourage them to take their time & try their best.

4. Play

Make sure your kids have some time to play, and get at least 30 minutes of exercise. This will help with the stress, and hopefully make the early bedtime easier.

5. Leave Cell Phones At Home

Teachers are requesting that parents make sure students leave their cell phones and smart watches at home. They will not be allowed in the classroom.

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